A quarterly box to fuel your 
professional learning and growth 
So you can lead and manage with more influence and impact









What is themadebox?


 Curated by certified leadership and executive coaches, themadebox
is a quarterly subscription box 
designed to share small doses of leadership development with leaders 
who want to keep their professional 
learning and growth a priority.


Every quarter, themadebox offers a unique leadership development experience. The signature element of themadebox is that curation centers around the Courageous Personal Leadership model, which consists of Four Principles: Manage your internal environment, Ask for what you need, Decide to take risks, and Embody your personal mission, vision, and values. Each quarter, themadebox theme is anchored in one of The Four Principles.


The M.A.D.E. To Lead team created the Courageous Personal Leadership model to focus on critical behaviors that individuals at all levels can demonstrate to lead with more influence and impact. Rooted in research and real-world experiences, the model is practical, applicable, and easy to integrate across  industries, positions, and levels. It works in the everyday leadership moments we experience, and is as effective in the bigger leadership challenges we wrestle with over time.



The Courageous Personal Leadership Model ®

The Four Principles of Courageous 
Personal Leadership


Principle One: Manage your 
internal environment

Focus: Self-awareness


Principle Two: Ask for what you need

Focus: Courageous leadership voice 



Principle Three: Decide to take risks

Focus: Decision-making and risk-taking



Principle Four: Embody your personal mission, vision, and values

Focus: Authenticity and purpose



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Who is themadebox for?
Keeping your professional learning and growth top of mind takes work. Let us help!


Busy professionals who want to 
prioritize their learning and growth and are looking  for convenient ways to keep their learning fresh, with the guesswork 
and planning done for them


Managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs who have goals to grow in the areas of  self-awareness, courageous asks, risk-taking 
or decision making skills, or leading with authenticity and purpose


Anyone who desires to grow their leadership capacity and learn new skills, whether you are an emerging leader, newly promoted, or transitioning into a new role or career

themadebox is a quarterly box to fuel your professional 
learning and growth

Each thoughtfully curated box includes:


(2) Leadership or personal development books based on one of The Four Principles of Courageous Personal Leadership


(2-4) Distinctive, theme-based gifts chosen specifically to bring the key leadership lessons from the books to life


A live quarterly virtual workshop based on one of The Four Principles of Courageous Personal Leadership


Online leadership skill builder videos designed and facilitated exclusively for themadebox


Your first subscription box includes a voucher for a 30-minute leadership coaching call with a certified leadership/executive coach on the M.A.D.E. To Lead team



Treat yourself, leverage employer PD funds, or give as the perfect gift for managers, leaders, or recent promotions


October 2020 Box

Current Box: We are now accepting themadebox orders for October 2020. The theme for the October box is Principle Two: Ask For What You Need. This principle is about finding and using your leadership voice, courageously asking for what you want and need, identifying what holds you back from speaking up, understanding the art and science behind how to ask for support. Each box includes distinctive, theme-based gifts to bring the key leadership lessons from the books to life, a live quarterly workshop based on the principle for the quarter, and online leadership skill builders based on the principle for the quarter. Additionally, your first subscription box includes a voucher for a 30-minute coaching call, and, as long as you are subscribed, you will have access to discounted coaching calls with the M.A.D.E. To Lead team. themadebox is a quarterly box that ships the last day of October, January, April, and July. If you order between now and October 15, 2020, your first box will be the October box.



Previous Box: In July 2020, we launched themadebox with Principle One: Manage Your Internal Environment.  This principle is about being anchored in self-awareness; uncovering your strengths, patterns, and your impact on others; managing self-sabotaging thoughts, insecurities, doubts, and fears; seeing yourself clearly, and understanding how you are seen and experienced by others.  In addition to the theme based gifts, coaching, online content, and workshop, the July box  included two books to focus attention toward managing your internal environment: The Inner Game of Tennis: The Classic Guide to the Mental Side of Peak Performance by Timothy Gallwey and Unlocking Leadership Mindtraps: How To Thrive In Complexity by Jennifer Garvey Berger. 




Time left to reserve your October box:

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How does themadebox work?
Every quarter, our team delivers a burst of professional development to your doorstep or office


Order themadebox as a quarterly subscription or as a one-time gift. Every quarter, themadebox offers a unique leadership development experience.


themadebox ships the last week of 
July, October, January, and April. Order by 
the 15th of the current ship month to 
receive the box for the quarter.


Once you receive your box, share 
your learnings and insights with friends 
and colleagues by tagging your photos 
with #themadebox!

Why themadebox?

I believe the leadership development firm of the future will have to exist in multiple contexts and communicate information in many forms. Firms will have to meet people where they are, and professional and leadership development will look very different moving forward. We know that people want to learn and grow in their careers and in life, and they do not want to wait to attend a conference to do so.  We believe themadebox is high in utility, and is another way to meet the growing demand for new learning experiences.


Sharma Graham
themadebox &
M.A.D.E. To Lead

While we know that professional development remains a priority for individuals and organizations, the delivery now must be provided in a more convenient, compact, and relatable way. themadebox is a new approach to professional development that supports individuals in their personal leadership journey. Each interactive box is a toolkit designed to cultivate Courageous Personal Leadership, and helps people redesign and reframe leadership beliefs, behaviors, and practices. 

Corey Graham 
themadebox &
M.A.D.E. To Lead


themadebox is brought to you proudly by M.A.D.E. To Lead, a boutique leadership development firm